Monday, 8 December 2014

Danbury Interior Parts for sale

Up for grabs is parts of the original Danbury conversion from my '71 van:

 1x buddy seat on a sliding base (sliding mechanism supplied) with original cooker and grill (untested) incorporated in the buddy seat, with back rest and two piece foam cushions covered in a dark blue floral pattern also supplied. Its not in the best of condition, but would come up good with a bit of love.  The sliding mechanism is so you can change the [img][/img]position of the seat to forward or rear facing. The buddy seat also incorporates a self folding rubber foot rest that deploys when it is in front facing position

Sink unit and drawer, sits on the end of the near side rear bench seat. Supplied with sliding cover for the sink. Plug not included. Again it's picked up a some slight wear over the years. 

I am keeping one of the buddy seats for the new layout in the van and i am selling the better one

Collection only please

Friday, 27 June 2014

The Big Restoration & Respray : The Big Reveal

Is it the same van? Babs finally comes home and is back on the drive and looks stunning. She's also running really well thanks to a tune up from Paul at Bugloft
It's only really part 1 of the resto however as there is an entire interior to install and build with absolutely zero in the contingency fund, so we are going to have to get creative and resourceful and ask lots of favors! 

The Big Restoration & Respray : Mango on!